The Master of the Revels Calls for Vertep!

Only Hobgoblin Hill Puppets would have the effrontery to embrace the ancient Vertep Russian nativity tradition- and add this much giddiness to what is normally a solemn performance. But Christmas is a time for joy and laughter, so...   For more info, click here.


Variety Acts

Abandon Sanity, All Ye Who Enter here!

Our variety acts include audience participation and a totally improvised performance. These performances succeed particularly well with children. For more info, click here.


Petrushka falling off the horse


Petrushka, Russian cousin to the amazing Mr. Punch, is always ready for a fight or a frolic. Whether he's flirting with girls, buying a horse, or being drafted, he's sure to cause mayhem and leave you laughing. Even the devil can't scare him! For more info, click here.


Punch and Judy

Old Rednose" invites you to meet the Missus.

Don't miss the timeless street play of Victorian England. Guaranteed to add "spice" and/or authenticity to your event. Suitable for all audiences. For more info, click here.


St. George and the Dragon

A holiday romp from Merrie Olde England.

A classic! taken from Christmas traditions of England, this show is sure to please at any time of the year. St George comes forth to slay the dragon. We come forth to slay you....with humor and merriment. For more info, click here.

The Temptation of St. Anthony

The conflict between Mankind and Evil

Enjoy our jolly performance of the French puppet miracle play, "Temptation of St. Anthony," the story of the legendary hermit who fended off all temptation to save his soul and many, many others. Three daffy crocodiles take the place of Pluto’s usual demons, who all went on vacation to Florida. For more info, click here.

Dance of Death

Man faces eternity in the 14th century.

An art form in itself! One of the historic art forms created by people reacting to the chaos of the Black Death. Our unique version, however, shows each character dancing off with Death to the sound of live hurdy-gurdy music. For more info, click here.

Faust, the German Puppet Play

In earlier days, Hobgoblin Hill Puppets tackled their most ambitious project: the German puppet lay Faust. This dark and moody tragedy served as a cautionary tale to those who dared lay their souls on the line....   For more info, click here.