Dance of Death


Dance of Death, otherwise known as Totentanz or Danse Macabre, is an art form that arose from the chaos of the Black Death. As a way of coping emotionally with the tragedy, people concocted various odd forms of popular entertainment, but none more bizarre than this. Death claims people from every walk of life, often revealing a dark humor, and at other times, pathos.



There were many ancient play versions in which folk from all classes told of their lives, only to be claimed by Death. The intent was mostly serious, meant to prepare the living for what was to come. In our madcap version, however, each character dances off with Death to the sound of merry hurdy-gurdy music, and there is even a happy ending of sorts.

This play won the UNIMA Citation of Excellence in 2004.

Winner of a 2004 UNIMA Citation!

Unima Citation