The first Hobgoblin Hill Puppet made in 1987 was Mr. Punch, as historical as could be, with hand-carved, jointed hardwood hands and legs, and a papier-mâché head. His costume, modeled after an eighteenth century puppet, was bright and ornate.

The original has been retired in favor of an entirely wood carved Punch. From this beginning came dozens and dozens more -- giants, dragons, crocodiles, warriors, kings, princesses, wizards-- all sorts of characters and animals. The newer ones are now carved entirely out of wood. They are subject to less "wear and tear" than the papier-mâché specimens.

Every costume is made with the same care and research as the first. They are all designed to last for centuries-- sturdy hardwoods (Maple, Mahogany, Ebony, and Rosewood to name a few), silks, antique laces, strong cottons; often glass eyes and real leather go into their construction. Each puppet is considered a work of art. Some have been known to take 40 hours or more for completion. They immediately become part of the Hobgoblin Hill family and are seldom sold. However, many have found their way temporarily into exhibitions and arts grant workshops.